Services We Provide

sensor tower
Integrated Sensor System Development: Oakwood Controls architects and integrates some of the military’s most advanced next generation force protection sensor systems. Our Sensor Integration Solutions are tools we have built that can help simplify the complex task of integrating multiple sensor feeds. Our engineers are some of the most experienced in the field of sensor integration. Developing new sensor applications can be an expensive and time consuming project. Let us make it easier for you. We are experts in all levels of sensor applications, from hardware integration to building end-user GUI front-ends to sensor information. See how we can help you with your sensor integration project. Learn more »

Software Development: We have successfully integrated many kinds of sensors, including radar, seismic, video, acoustic, and infrared. Adding new sensors can be challenging because of the proprietary protocols often used in legacy applications. Our team has written key protocols allowing different sensors to be unified in a common communications framework. Learn more »

System Engineering and Architecture: Whether you have an existing sensor application that needs to be updated with new sensors or need to build a new application that will be accessed by thousands of users, we can help you achieve your goal faster and can work with your budget. Learn more »