System Engineering & Architecture

If you want to design something that works you need to understand not only the big picture, but also the real world limitations. Our System Engineering and Architecture team firmly believes that a mix of top-down and bottom-up approaches is the only way to successfully design a system. Approaching the problem exclusively from one direction will lead to a less than ideal solution; either a solution that misses the big picture or one that ignores important details. It is also very important to involve the customer in this process because while you are the one that understands the ins and outs of the domain, the customer knows what need must be filled. Our team knows that even though we can develop a theoretical understanding, it is capturing the years of experience from the customer that will guarantee ultimate success.

The members of our team specialize in the bookends of the development process. We can provide support at the start of the project where requirements are gathered and defined. This in turn can be developed into an overarching architecture to lead the development process. On the tail end we can provide assistance in evaluating the developed product to ensure that it meets all of the specified requirements through system testing and evaluation. The team allows you to understand the capabilities of the product before development begins, and once complete, ensure that what was delivered meets or exceeds those requirements; so you get the product that you want.

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