ballistic testing tunnel

Ballistic research tunnel at a government facility in Dam Neck, VA

Quality Assurance

Our system is capable of provide the following information:

  • Point of Impact: We certify that the system’s accuracy is within 2.5 mm of actual results for the center 50% of the target frame area and 5 mm of actual results for the center 75% of the target frame.
  • Velocity: We certify the velocity results to be accurate to at least +/- 5 feet per second or +/- 1.5 meters per second.
  • Rate of Fire: We certify the rate of fire results to be accurate to at least +/- 5 rounds per minute when calculated for at least 20 round burst of fire.

Ballistic Coefficient

The following data is captured, calculated, and saved (and can even be exported):

  • Targeting at 25, 50, 100, and/or 200 yards
  • Velocity at muzzle, 100, and 200 yards
  • Time of flight to 100 and 200 yards
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • G1 and G7 BCs

The following quality assurance modules can easily be added:

  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Function Testing
  • Endurance Testing

shot data on laptop screen

Firearms manufacturers currently using our quality assurance system:

  • Daniel Defense
  • Colt USA
  • Colt Canada
  • Sig Sauer